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2019 Oğuzhan Ferman On the 34-letter Common Turkic Frame Alphabet Prof. Dr. Aydın Babuna
2018 Cemre Ünaldı The Sense of Justice and Criminal Law: Coming to Terms with Enforced Disappearances in Turkey Assoc. Prof. Ziya Umut Türem
2018 Hacer Atabaş Comparing the Relationship between Turkey and the World Bank in the 1980s vis-à-vis the 1990s Assoc. Prof. Berna Yazıcı
2018 İlkay Kirişçioğlu The Freedom Party and Grand Narratives Prof. Dr. M. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2018 Kemal Berkay Baştuji Near East Relief’s Aid Campaign in Occupied Constantinople (1918-1923): Aid and Politics Prof. Dr. Nadir Özbek
2018 Mehmet Alper The Politics of Reform: Tanzimat in the Province of Trabzon (1839 – 1860) Prof. Dr. Nadir Özbek
2017 Gizem Sivri Women's Prisons and Women Prisoners in the Late Ottoman Empire (1840-1920): From Invisibility to Expendability Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2017 Gül Banu Kayır In Pursuit of Answers to Difficult Questions: A Long Story Narrated by Two Journals of the Jewish Community Prof. Dr. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2017 Özlem Has Necropolitics in OHAL: The state of emergency experience of Turkey (1987-2002) Yar. Doç. Dr. Ziya Umut Türem
2017 Pınar Yüksel Kurban in Turkey: From Traditional Ritual to Urban Practices Asst. Prof. Ziya Umut Türem
2017 Şahika Karatepe The Social History of Railroads: Security and Accidents on the Railroads in the Ottoman Empire (1858-1914) Prof. Dr. Şevket Pamuk
2016 Alphan Telek Rethinking Political Secularism in the Works of Post-Revolutionary Iranian Intellectuals: Akbar Ganji, Abdolkarim Soroush and Mohsen Kadivar Prof. Dr. Duygu Köksal
2016 Ayşe Nur Akdal Provisioning the Ottoman Capital: Istanbul's Market Garden between the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Centuries Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2016 Fırat Güllü System Crisis and Theater in the Ottoman Empire: Representation of the Late Ottoman System Crisis in Theatrical Plays Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2016 Merve Sayılganoğlu Tough Turns Fragile: The Impact of Urban Renewal on Everyday Life in Sulukule Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2016 Nazif Koca The Montenegrin Frontier of the Ottoman Empire: Loyalties and Frontier Defense (1863-1870) Prof.Dr. Nadir Özbek
2016 Yeşim Selda Hebip The New Foundations Law and the Seized Property of Minority Foundations Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2015 Asya Saydam Changing Retirement Patterns In Turkey: A Comparative Study of Metal and Municipal Sector Workers Prof. Ayşe Buğra
2015 Berkay Küçükbaşlar Small-Scale Industry Matters: Industrialization and Occupational Structure in Turkey between 1927 and 1945 Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2015 Damla Fidan The Political Economy of Medical Tourism in Turkey Prof. Ayşe Buğra
2015 Elif Beyza Hacıosmanoğlu Changes in Local Service Provision in the Neoliberal Era: Cases of Municipal Companies from Eskişehir and Konya Metropolitan Municipalities (2000-2014) Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2015 Erhan Bektaş The “Tanzimat State” in the Ottoman Iraq: Tribes, Ideology/Shiism and Taxation, 1830-1910 Prof.Dr. Nadir Özbek
2015 Gamze İlaslan Abduction of Women and Elopement in the Nineteenth Century Ottoman Nizamiye Courts Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2015 Gizem Çimşit Conscription in the Nineteenth Century Ottoman Empire: Its Reflections on the Lives of Ordinary People and Resistance, 1843-1876 Prof.Dr. Nadir Özbek
2015 Melis Soyumgürbüz Exclusive Free Labor: Voluntary Unpaid Internships of White Collar Candidates Prof. Ayşe Buğra
2015 Nur Sinem Kılıç The Fragmentation of Alevilik as Exemplified in the case of Gazi Mahallesi: Three Cemevis, Three Free Spaces Prof. Dr. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2015 Okan Ceylan Transformation of Agricultural Structures through Govenment Policies in Edirne Province between 1939 and 1960 Prof. Dr. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2015 Sarp Kurgan Understanding the Diplomatic Ability and Influence of a Regional Power in a Time of Conflict: Turkish Foreign Policy during the Yugoslav Wars Prof. Aydın Babuna
2015 Seçkin Büyücek Kemalist, Once Upon a Time: Falih Rıfkı Atay and His Unconventional Approach to the Early Republican Period Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2015 Sema Yaşar Baraç Göymen Nestorians, Kurds, and the State: The Struggle to Survive in the Frontier in the Late Ottoman Period, 1839-1908 Prof. Dr. Nadir Özbek
2015 Tuna Başıbek Tanzimat and Penal Modernity: The Abolition of Torture in the Mid-Nineteenth Century Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2015 Zeynep Erdoğan Exploring Generation Y via Attitudes towards Economy, Education and Marriage Prof. Dr. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2014 Aslı Ebru Şanlıtürk Women in Change: Female Teachers and Middle Class in the 1940s-1950s Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2014 Atacan Atakan A Teacher, Agitator and Guide: Talebe Defteri and the Formation of an Ideal Child (1913-1919) Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2014 Berra Zeynep Dodurka Institutionalization of Social Assistance and Means Testing Mechanisms in the Post-2001 Period Prof. Dr. Ayşe Buğra
2014 Deniz Başar Performative Publicness: Alternative Theater in Turkey After 2000s Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2014 Dünya Ahtem Öztogay Finance and the Bourgeoisie: The Establishment of Private Sector Banking in Turkey (1946-1958) Assist. Prof. Seda Altuğ
2014 Feriha Merve Alıcı Appropriate IVF vs. Inappropriate IVF : Formation of the Discursive Space of In-Vitro Fertilization in Turkey Assist. Prof. Berna Yazıcı
2014 Kıvanç Yiğit Mısırlı The 1948 Economic Congress: An Attempt at the Political Re-organization of the Merchants in Turkey Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2014 Mehmet Köse The Evolution of the Separation of Powers in the Turkish Republic: The Case of the 2010 Constitutional Referendum Assist. Prof. Dr. Ziya Umut Türem
2014 Seda Keskin Turkey's Asylum Policy towards Syrians Prof. Aydın Babuna
2014 Yasemin Taşkın Alp State Policies on Vocational High Schools in Turkey 1970-2013 Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2013 Çağlar Köksal The Elite Professional Class in Kayseri: A Preliminary Interpretation Prof. Dr. Çağlar Keyder
2013 İlknur Karanfil The Evolution of Social Justice Discourse of Turkish Islamism and Anti-capitalist Muslims Assist. Prof. Berna Yazıcı
2013 Irmak Ertör The Governance of Common Resources: The Political Ecology of the Kaş-Kekova Region Prof. M. Asım Karaömerlioğlu & Prof. Dr Fikret Adaman
2013 Nazar Bağcı An Analysis of Inter-Communal Conflicts in Cilicia During the Independence War Years 1918-1922 Assist. Prof. Seda Altuğ
2013 Özlem Yıldız Selves on Display: Neoliberal Subjectivities in Turkey in the First Decade of the Twenty-first Century through the Lens of Reality TV Shows Assist. Prof. Berna Yazıcı
2013 Said Salih Kaymakcı The Sultan's Entrepreneurs, the Entrepreneurs' Sultan: Beratlı Avrupa Tüccarı and Institutional Change in the Nineteenth Century Ottoman Empire (1835-1868) Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2013 Sezen Ravanoğlu Yılmaz The Rising Racist Paradigm in the Turkish Nationalism in the First Decade of the 2000s: The Discourse of the 'Kurdish Invasion' Prof. Dr. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2013 Tim Dorlach The Political Economy of Pharmaceutical Prices: The Case of Turkey, 2002-2012 Prof. Dr. Çağlar Keyder
2012 Ayse Koçak Farmer Support Regime and Political Economy of Agricultural Reform: Transformation of Turkish Agricultural Policy in the Post-2000 Era Prof. Dr. Şevket Pamuk
2012 Belin Benezra The Turkish Health System in Transition: Family Planning in the Case of Istanbul Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2012 Canan Balkan The Anti-Alcohol Movement in the Early Republican Period in Turkey Prof. M. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2012 Gizem Kezban Çakmak The Interplay of the Global and the Local: The Socio-Economic Development of the Towel and Bathrobe Cluster of Denizli Prof. Çağlar Keyder
2012 İbrahim Sarıkaya Work and Work Accidents in the Flexible Working Regime: The Zonguldak Hard Coal Basin Case Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2012 Nazli Bülay Dogan Reflections of the Global Implementation of Intellectual Property Rights on Pharmaceutical Policies: The Case of Turkey Prof. Dr. Çağlar Keyder
2012 Nilay Kavur Punishment, Education and Reintegration Policies in a Penitentiary Housing Convicted Youth in Turkey: A Study in the Izmir Juvenile Education House Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2012 Orçun Selçuk Turkish Airlines as a Soft Power Tool in the Context of Turkish Foreign Policy Prof. Aydın Babuna
2012 Sibel Kama The 2002 Civil Code: Its reflections on the Human Rights of Women Prof.Dr. Nadir Özbek
2012 Vasfi Can Yazıcı Anti-Communism and the Making of the Ülkücü Paramilitary Identity (1974-1980) Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2011 Ahmet Hınçalan Diverging Paths of Turkish Conservatisms in the Cold War Era: A study on Cemil Meriç and Tarık Buğra Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2011 Çiğdem Oğuz Negotiating the Terms of Mercy: Petitions and Pardon Cases in the Hamidian Era Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2011 Gülce Başer Poetry of Self Definition: Turkish Poetry during the 1980-1983 Junta Period Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2011 Nazife Kosukoğlu Criminalizing the Dangeous Others in Istanbul: The Middle Class and the Fear of Crime in the 2000s Prof. Dr. Çağlar Keyder
2011 Neşe Voyvoda The Transformation of the Labor Market and the Reconstruction of Workers' Mobilization: The Experience of the Spring Demonstrations of 1989 Prof. Dr. Şevket Pamuk
2011 Şebnem Gelmedi The Washington Consensus and Its Reflections on the Turkish Mainstream Press Media Prof. Dr. Şevket Pamuk
2011 Selin Yeleser A Turning Point in the Formation of the Kurdish Left in Turkey: The Revolutionary Eastern Cultural Hearths (1969 – 1971) Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2011 Sezen Bayrak Patterns of Eating Out in Contemporary Beyoğlu: A New Middle Class-Oriented Approach Prof. Dr. Zafer Toprak
2011 Sinem Başdar The Formal and the Informal in Istanbul's Taxi Sector Assist. Prof. Berna Yazıcı
2011 Yalçın Özkan The Distinct and Gendered Work Identity: Immigrant Women Workers from Bulgaria during the Industrialization Era of Bursa (1968-1978) Prof. Dr. Ayşe Buğra
2011 Zach Richer Gender and Service Work in Turkey's New Consumerist Economy: A Case Study at Three Cafe Chains Prof. Dr. Ayşe Buğra
2010 Alaaddin Tok The Ottoman Mining Sector in the Age of Capitalism: An Analysis of State-Capital Relations (1850-1908) Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2010 Alp Kanzık The Kurdish Migrants in Yenibosna: “Social Exclusion”, Class and Politics" Prof. Çağlar Keyder
2010 Ataman Osman Avdan For Whom the Phone Rings: The Turkish Call Center Industry and Experience of Work in Multilingual Call Centers Prof. Dr. Ayşe Buğra
2010 Ayse Yazicioglu The Portrait of Istanbul in 1922 as Extracted from Aydede (Man in the Moon) Comics Periodical Prof. Dr. Zafer Toprak
2010 Battal Arslan The Evolution of Turkish Banking System (1980-2003) and The Restructuring of the Banking System after the Financial Crises in 1999-2001 Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2010 Dağhan Irak The Transformation of Football Fandom in Turkey since the 1970s Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2010 Deniz Ilhan Turkish Transnational Business Professionals in Istanbul: Globalization, Cosmopolitanism and the Emerging Elite Prof. Dr. Çaglar Keyder
2010 Deniz Pelek Seasonal Migrant Workers in Agriculture: The Cases of Ordu and Polatli Prof. Dr. Sevket Pamuk
2010 Ertuğrul Zengin The Political and Social Thoughts of Satı Bey: Exploring the Ideology of an Ottoman Patriot Prof. Dr. Zafer Toprak
2010 Gören Ceren Deniz The Informal Waste Collection Sector and the Waste Pickers: A Case Study in Ankara Ass. Prof. Berna Yazıcı
2010 Gülseren Duman The Formations of the Kurdish Movement(s) 1908-1914: Exploring the Footprints of Kurdish Nationalism Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2010 Hakan Zihnioğlu The Retail Revolution in Turkey Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2010 Hasan Basri Güner The Nation Party: Formation, Development and Closing Periods with Religion, Laicism, Democracy and Political Debates Prof. Dr. Zafer Toprak
2010 Hayri Ercan Gürelli Turkey and Greece in the 21th Century: A Survey of Socio-Political and Economic Relations in a Period of Rapproachement Prof. Dr. Zafer Toprak
2010 Hüseyin Sert The Idea of a Turkish World from the Adriatic to the Wall of China: Relations Between Turkey and The Turkic Republics during the 1990s Prof. Aydın Babuna
2010 İbrahim Kuran The Practice of Renaming Places in Turkey: An Anthropological Perspective on Spatio-Temporal Politics Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2010 Mehmet Baki Deniz Grassroots Action Against Gecekondu Renewal Projects: The Case of Istanbul Basibüyük and Ankara Dikmen Vadi Prof. Dr. Ayşe Buğra
2010 Mine Akman Uyghur Immigrants in Turkey: A Home Away From Home Asst. Prof. Berna Yazıcı
2010 Nıvart Taşçı Armenian Migrants in Turkey: History of a Journey Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2010 Özkan Akpınar Geographical Imagination in School Geography during the Late Otoman Period, 1876-1908 Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2010 Rüçhan Çiğdem Akanyıldız “Perfect Bodies, Ideal Women:” Beauty, the Female Body and the Construction of Femininity in Popular Women's Magazines in Turkey in the 1990s Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2010 Seda Özdemir Contemporary Armenian Literature in Turkey: The Literary Representation of Armenian Identity and History Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2010 Şeref Kavak The Democratic Society Party as a ‘Party for Turkey': Official and Grassroots Politics of a Changing Identity (2005-2009) Asst. Prof. Berna Yazıcı
2010 Seval Gülen Political Crime and Denunciation in the 1950s- Cases for Making Communist Propaganda Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2010 Sinan Çetin Booksellers and Their Catalogs in Hamidian Istanbul, 1884-1901 Prof. Dr. Zafer Toprak
2010 Sinem Kavak Struggling for Survival in the Village after the Disturbance of Tobaccoland: Tracing New Rurality behind the Footprints of Tobacco Farmers Prof. Dr. Şevket Pamuk
2010 Taner Mirza The Role of the İstanbul Stock Exchange as a Source of Financing in the Quest for Global Integration Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2010 Volkan Yılmaz The Political Economy of Disability in Turkey's Welfare Regime Prof. Dr. Ayşe Buğra
2009 Ahmet Alış The Process of the Politicization of the Kurdish Identity in Turkey: the Kurds and the Turkish Labor Party (1961–1971) Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2009 Akın Sefer The Docks of the Revolution: The Struggles of the Port Workers of Istanbul in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2009 Ayşen Baylak Visibility through Ritual: The Caferi/Shiite Community in Turkey Assistant Prof. Berna Yazıcı
2009 Aysun Kıran The Phenomenon of Free-Floating Violence In Post-1990s Turkey Through Two Films By Serdar Akar: Gemide and Barda Assoc. Prof. M. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2009 Bengü Kurtege The Historical Politics of the Juvenile Justice System and the Operation of Law in the Juvenile Court in Istanbul in Regard to Property Crimes Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2009 Burak Şahin Charity and Old Age Care: The Non-Muslim Community Hospitals in Istanbul Prof. Dr. Ayşe Buğra
2009 Deniz Nilüfer Erselcan Perspectives of Turkey's Jewish Minority and Turkish-Jewish Immigrants in Israel: The Narratives of the Mass-Migration of Jews to Israel between 1945 and 1955 Asst. Prof. Berna Yazıcı
2009 Ekin Mahmuzlu An Institutional Analysis of the Ottoman Shipping Sector in the Black Sea Region between 1829 and 1861: Merchants and Ships Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2009 Emir Yener Iron Ships and Iron Men: Naval Modernizaton in the Ottoman Empire, Russia, China and Japan from a Comparative Perspective 1830-1897 Prof. Selçuk Esenbel
2009 Erkin Ödemiş The Financialization of Consumption in Turkey: The Emergence of Consumer Credits (1988-2008) Prof. Dr. Ayşe Buğra
2009 Fırat Erdoğmuş Conceptualizing Online Environments as Third Places: An Analysis on Second Life and Facebook Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2009 Hazal Pabuççular Turkish-Italian Relations in the Interwar Period Prof. Aydın Babuna
2009 Ibrahim Murat Kasapsaraçoglu The Turkish Foreign Policy Decision Making Process during the Cold War, 1945-1991 Prof. Aydın Babuna
2009 Kübra Parmaksızoğlu Bobos in Turkey: Manifestations of the Bourgeois Bohemian Lifestyle in Istanbul Assoc. Prof. M. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2009 Olcay Yıldırım Primary Alevi Institutions and Alevi-Sunni Encounters under the Urban Conditions Prof. Ayşe Buğra
2009 Özlem Dilber Lower Class Children and the State During World War Two in Urban Turkey: Streets, Schools and Worksites Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2009 Selma Pektaş The Dynamics of the Intra-Elite Debate on the Customs Union and Identity Politics (1993-1996) Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2009 Sevecen Tunç Putting the City on the Map: A Social History of Football in Trabzon to 1967 Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2009 Uğur Bahadır Bayraktar Political Economy of Çiftliks: The Redistribution of Land and Land Tenure Relations in the Nineteenth Century Provinces of Ioannina and Trikala Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2009 Zachary Terris Barnett-Howell Internal Dynamics and Facilitating Factors: A Critical Appraisal of Internal Migration Within Turkey, 1950-1980 Prof. Ayşe Gedik
2008 Ayse Alnıaçık After Deindustrialization, In the Midst of Urban Transformation: the Case of Paşabahçe Prof. Ayse Buğra
2008 Ayşecan Kartal Turkish Social Work Sector after the 1990s through the Accounts of the Social Workers Prof. Ayşe Buğra
2008 Barış Taşyakan The Volunteer Firefighters of Istanbul, 1826-1923 Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2008 Başak Deniz Özdoğan Experience of September 12 Coup D'état in Turkish Novels of 1980s Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2008 Burcu Çıngay Automobility in Turkey: A Critical Evaluation of Turkish Automobile Production in the 1960s and the 1970s Assoc. Prof. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2008 Didem Türkoğlu Snapshots of Popular Turkish Nationalism: Neo-Kemalism, Bestsellers and Facebook Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2008 Edip Gölbaşı The Yezidis and the Ottoman State: Modern Power, Military Conscription, and Conversion Policies, 1830-1909 Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2008 Emine Beyza Satoğlu Anatolian Tigers: Local Adaptability to Global Competitiveness in Kayseri Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2008 Gözde Orhan From Motherhood to Activism: A History of Women in Transformation Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2008 Maral Jefroudi A Re-politicized History of Iranian Transit Migrants Passing Through Turkey in the 1980s Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2008 Mehmet Ertan The Circuitous Politicization of Alevism: The Affiliation between the Alevis and the Left Politics (1960-1980) Assoc. Prof. M. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2008 Mehmet Kılıç The Importation of Ottoman Tonbaku from Iran and Its Socio-Cultural Implications: 1891 -1914 Prof. Zafer Toprak
2008 Melih Yeşilbag The Transformation of MESS & TISK from Foundation to 2005: "A Story of Rejoicing" Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2008 Mine Tafolar Neoliberal Populism and the “Özal Decade”: Its Implications for the Democratic Process Prof. Sevket Pamuk
2008 Muhammed Fazil Baş Power or the People: A Comparison of the Thoughts of Dogan Avcioglu and Idris Küçükömer Regarding the Intellectual Climate of the 1960s Assoc. Prof. M. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2008 Mustafa Emre Yılmaz Power Struggle within the National Struggle – The Case of Sivas (1919 – 1925) Assoc. Prof. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2008 Selim Özgen The “Ballast” of Istanbul: A Critique of Spatial Reorganization of Industrial Production in Gebze Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2007 Alpkan Birelma Three Cases of Worker Mobilization in Contemporary Turkey Assoc. Prof. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2007 Anna Vakali Agreements and Friendship between Greece and Turkey in 1930: Contesting Nationalist Discourses and Press Reactions Prof. Zafer Toprak
2007 Bahar Bilgen Implementation of Land and Agricultural Reform Law No. 1757 in Urfa (1960-1980) Assoc. Prof. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2007 Bayram Şen Nationalism and Migration: The post-1950 Balkan Immigrants from Yugoslavia Assoc. Prof. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2007 Bilge Seçkin Staging the Revolution: The Theatre of the Revolution in the Ottoman Empire 1908-1909 Prof. Zafer Toprak
2007 Burcu Birinci The Marshall Plan in Turkey, a Critical Evaluation of United States Interests in the Plan and Effects of the Plan on the Republic Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2007 Deniz Arzuk Vanishing Memoirs: Dogan Kardes Children's Periodical between 1945-1993 Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2007 Emre Soysal The Impact of TÜSIAD on the European Relations of Turkey (1995-2005) Assoc. Prof. Aydın Babuna
2007 Ergin Bulut The Transformation of the Turkish Vocational Training System: Creation of Lifelong Learning, Loyal Technicians Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2007 Fatma Berin Okur Conspicuous Consumption in Turkey in the 1950s: An Examination of Hayat Magazine Assoc. Prof. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2007 Hakkı Başgüney Sinematek (Turkish Cinémathèque Association):Cinema and Political Debate in Turkey Between 1965-1980 Assist. Prof. Ahmet Ersoy
2007 Kerem Morgül A History of the Social Struggles in Fatsa 1960-1980 Assoc. Prof. Asım Karaömerlioğlu
2007 Kerem Özkurt Tracing Modernity in the Popular Romances of the Early Republican Period (1930-1945): The Novels of Kerime Nadir, Esat Mahmut Karakurt and Muazzez Tahsin Berkand Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2007 Mehmet Evren Dinçer The Transformation of an Industrial Location: Dilovasi from 1990s to Present Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2007 Osman Savaşkan Contemporary Social Policy in Turkey: Workfare Programs in the Context of the Neo-liberal International Governance System Prof. Ayşe Buğra
2007 Özgür Burçak Gürsoy The Opium Problem in Turkey, 1930 – 1945 Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2007 Özlem Bayraktar The National Outlook and Its Youth in the 1970s Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2007 Pelin Başaran The Privatization of Culture and The Development of Cultural Centers in the post-1980s Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2007 Pelin Helvacı Prince Sabahattin (1878-1948) and His Place in Ottoman Intellectual Development Prof. Zafer Toprak
2007 Sarah Carpenter Kılınç The National Education Board Conferences and Political Transition: 1939-1960 / Changing Perceptions of Schooling and Dialogue of Negotiations Prof. Ayse Bugra
2007 Şeyda Barlas Visions of Aesthetics and Culture in "Yeni Adam": Republic of Fine Arts (1934-1950) Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2007 Ümmühan Ceren Ünlü Celebrating and Remembering the Festival of September 9: Ritual, History, and Memory Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2007 Utku Kundakçı The Black Sea Region: An Analysis of Regional Politics and Cooperation in the Post Cold War Era Assoc. Prof. Aydın Babuna
2007 Yunus Emre The Genesis of The Left of Center in Turkey: 1965-1967 Prof. Zafer Toprak
2006 Ali Sipahi The Labor-based Prisons in Turkey, 1933-1953 Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2006 Asli Duru Apartmentalization and Middle Classness: Urban Socio-spatial Change in the Period 1950s-1970s Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2006 Ayse Saraç Historical Reconciliation Policies of the European Union. A Comparison: The Benes Decrees and The Armenian Issue Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2006 Azer Kılıç Gender and Social Policy in Turkey: Positive Discrimination or a Second-Class Female Citizenship? Prof. Ayse Buğra
2006 Bilgen Komut A Reading Practice as the Consumption of Leisure Time: Hayat Magazine 1980-1986 Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2006 Binnaz Tugba Sasanlar A Historical Panorama of an Istanbul Neighborhood: Cihangir from the Late Nineteenth Century to the 2000s Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2006 Cem Bico Liberating Narratives of Yasar Kemal: The Other Face of the MountainTrilogy Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2006 Ceren Gülser Ilikan Tuberculosis, Medicine and Politics: Public Health in the Early Republican Turkey Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2006 Egemen Esen Özbek Quests for Impossible Wholeness: Time, Memory, and In-Betweenness in Marcel Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu and Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar's Huzur Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2006 Erdem Kocabaş Political Change and Working Class Formation between 1945 – 1960 in Turkey Prof. Zafer Toprak
2006 Erkal Ünal Invited Sojourners: A Survey of the Translations into Turkish of Non-Fiction Left Books between 1960 and 1971 Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kirli
2006 Hacer Sözbir The Nature and Characteristics of the major Kurdish Movements: An Analysis of the Kurdish Movements from the Bedirhan Rebellion (1847) to the Sheikh Said Rebellion (1925) Assist. Prof. Ahmet Kuyaş
2006 Helin Özge Burkay Social Policy of Urban Transformation: Social Housing Policies in Turkey from the 1980s to Present Prof. Ayse Buğra
2006 Mustafa Akyol The Origin of Turkey's Kurdish Question: An Outcome of the Breakdown of the Ottoman Ancien Régime Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2006 Nurçin İleri The Story of a Transition: The Organization and the Reception of the Bergama Movement Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2006 Osman Öztürk The Labor Unionism of 1946 Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2006 Özlem Bülbül Remzi Oguz Arik and Cultural Nationalism in Turkey Prof. Zafer Toprak
2006 Pinar Farimaz The Reconstruction of Hegemonic Masculinity: an Analysis through Erkekçe, 1981-1990 Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2006 Selin Dingiloglu The Statist Industrialization and the Formation of Industrial Working Class in the Early Republic Prof. Şevket Pamuk
2006 Yahya Bostan The United States' Efforts at Being a Great Power and Its Effects on Ottoman-United States Relations at the End of the Nineteenth Century Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kirli
2005 Aykut Tunç Kılıç Populism, Sources of Rural Domination and Resistance in Turkey in the 1970s Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2005 Ercüment Asil The Reception of Liberty in Konya - September 1908-April 1909 Assist. Prof. Ahmet Kuyaş
2005 F. Aslı Kelkitli Turkish-Balkan Policy after the Cold War Assoc. Prof. Aydın Babuna
2005 Falma Fshazi Albanian Dilemma in the Balkans: Nationalism and Globalization Assoc. Prof. Aydın Babuna
2005 Hasan Şen The Transformaton of the Politics of Punishment and the Birth of Prison in the Ottoman Empire Assist. Prof. Cengiz Kırlı
2005 İkbal Elif Mahir Fashion and Women in the Istanbul of the Armistice Period, 1918-1923 Prof. Zafer Toprak
2005 İlker Cörüt Social Rationality of Lower Class Criminal Practices in the Late Nineteenth Century Istanbul Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2005 Liaisan Şahin Soviet Studies on Turkey, 1917-1991: Institutional History and Analytical Perspectives Prof. Zafer Toprak
2005 Mehmet İnanç Özekmekçi The Formation of Children in the Late Otoman Empire: An Analysis Through the Periodicals for Children (1869-1914) Assist. Prof. Ahmet Kuyaş
2005 Murat Altun The Photocopied 1990s: Youth, Culture, and Fanzines Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2005 Murat Kaya Reha Oguz Türkkan and Pan-Turkist Movement in Turkey (1938-1947) Assist. Prof. Ahmet Kuyaş
2005 Murat Koptaş Armenian Political Thinking in the Second Constitutional Period: The Case of Krikor Zohrab Assist. Prof. Ahmet Kuyaş
2005 Neslişah Leman Başaran The Evaluations of Sefik Hüsnü on the "National Question" and on the Revolution in Turkey Between 1919-1925 Assist. Prof. Ahmet Kuyaş
2005 Ohannes Kılıçdağı The Bourgeois Transformation and Ottomanism Among Anatolian Armenians After the 1908 Revoution Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
2005 Özge Ertem The Republic's Children and Their Burdens in 1930s and 1940s Turkey: The Idealized Middle-Class Children as the Future of the Nation and the Image of "Poor" Children in Children's Periodicals Assoc. Prof. Duygu Köksal
2005 Seçil Yılmaz Visualization of Culture, History and Memory in Turkey: Museum Politcs in the post-1980s Assoc. Prof. Nadir Özbek
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