Ayşe Buğra

Ayşe Buğra,
Professor (Part-Time Faculty)

The Atatürk Institute for Modern Turkish History
Bogaziçi University
34342 Bebek-Istanbul / Turkey


+90-212-359 44 82 / 75 65 (Social Policy Forum)

+90-212-265 80 03 (Atatürk Institute)


Ph.D., 1976-81

McGill University, Montreal.
Dissertation: "Labor Intensive Technologies for Underdeveloped Countries: A Critique"

B.A. & M.A, 1973-76

Laval University, Quebec
M.A. Thesis: "La concentration et l’accumulation du capital: l’éxemple de l’OPEP."

1970-73 Bogaziçi University, Turkey.

High School, 1966-70 Robert College

  • Research Experience and Positions

European Community Action Programme to Combat Social Exclusion: Non-governmental experts in the fight against poverty and social exclusion in Turkey.

UNDP Project on “Social Assistance through Contribution to Public Welfare”, Boğaziçi University Social Policy Forum, 2004-

“Workers and Unions in Turkey”, Boğaziçi University Social Policy Forum, 2004- 2005.

UNDP Project on “The Current Transformation of the Turkish Welfare Regime”, Boğaziçi University, 2002.

Visiting researcher, The Hagop Kevorkian Center, New York University, February 2002.

Visiting researcher on “Political Economy of Islam in Contemporary Turkey”, Mediterranean Programme, Robert Schuman Center, European University Institute, Fall 1999.

TESEV/Friedrich Ebert Foundation Project “Islamic Economic Organizations in Turkey: A Survey”, Boğaziçi University, 1998.

“Current Industrial Developments in Gaziantep and Denizli”, joint project organized by the Turkish State Planning Organization, State Institute of Statistics and Capital Market Board, Boğaziçi University, 1997-1998.

Ford Foundation project “Evolution of Consumption Patterns in Turkey: A Study on the Formation of Needs and Mechanisms of Need Satisfaction”, Center for Comparative Institutional and Economic Change, Boğaziçi University, 1995-1996 and Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, Fall 1996.

Visiting researcher on “Comparative State-Business Relations”, Business History Unit, The London School of Economics and Political Science, 1990-1991.

Ford Foundation project “State, Policy Networks and the New Economic Strategy in Turkey”, Boğaziçi University, 1988-1990.

Researcher in collaboration with K. Polanyi-Levitt, Canadian International Development Agency project “The Role of Canadian Universities in Relation to International Development, McGill University, 1983-1985.

Researcher and Consultant, New Democratic Party of Canada Report on the Inquiry into Chartered Bank Profits, Ottawa, House of Commons, 1982.

Consultant, Union of Municipalities in the Marmara Region, Istanbul, 1980.
Research Assistant, “A Study of Production of Technology” under the direction of J.Sabato, University of Montreal, 1978.

Research Assistant, “Groupe de Recherche en Economie de l’Energie”, Laval University, 1975-1976.

  • Teaching Experience

Boğaziçi University, Atatürk Institute of Modern Turkish History, 2004-

Boğaziçi University, Department of Economics, 1985- 2004.

McGill University, Department of Economics, 1981-1983.

Sherbrooke University, Department of Economics, 1983 (One graduate seminar in development economics).

Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics, 1980-1981.

Teaching Assistant, McGill University, Department of Economics, 1979.

  • Administrative Positions

Founding Director, Boğaziçi University Social Policy Forum, 2004-

Director, Center for Comparative Institutional and Economic Change, Bogaziçi University, 1994-

Director, Institute of Graduate Studies in the Social Sciences, Boğaziçi University, 2000-2001.

Vice-dean, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Bogaziçi University, 1993-1994.

Vice-chairperson, Department of Economics, Bogaziçi University, 1988-1990.



  • Books

Trajectories of female Employment in the Mediterranean (co-edited with Yalçın Özkan), Palgrave MacMillan, 2012 (Türkçe çeviri: Akdeniz'de Kadın İstihdamının Seyri, İstanbul: İletişim, 2013).   

Sınıftan Sınıfa, (with Taylan Acar, Esin Ertürk, Özgür Burçak Gürsoy, Ebru Işıklı, Aysun Kıran and Sevecen Tunç), İstanbul: İletişim, 2010.

Reading Karl Polanyi for the 21st Century: Market Economy as a Political Project (co-edited with Kaan Ağartan), Palgrave MacMillan, 2007 (Türkçe çeviri: 21. Yüzyılda Karl Polanyi'yi Okumak, İstanbul: İletişim, 2009).

Kapitalizm, Yoksulluk ve Türkiye'de Sosyal Politika, İletişim, 2008.

Bir Temel Hak Olarak Vatandaşlık Gelirine Doğru, İletişim, 2007. (co-edited with Çağlar Keyder)

Sosyal Politika Yazıları, İletişim, 2006. (co-edited with Çağlar Keyder)

Büyük Dönüşüm : Çağımızın Siyasal ve Ekonomik Kökenleri, İletişim, 2000. (Translated by Ayşe Buğra)

Devlet-Piyasa Karşıtlığının Ötesinde: İhtiyaçlar ve Tüketim Üzerine Yazılar (Beyond the State-Market Dichotomy: Essays on Human Needs and Consumption), İletişim, 2000, 2003.

Islam in Economic Organizations, TESEV/Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 1999.

State, Market, and Organizational Form, Walter de Gruyter, 1997 (co-edited with Behlül Üsdiken).

Devlet ve İşadamları, İletişim, 1995, 1997, 2003, 2005.

State and Business in Modern Turkey: A Comparative Study, State University of New York Press, 1994.

İktisatçılar ve İnsanlar (On Economists and Human Behavior), Remzi, 1989 and İletişim, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005.


  • Articles (English and French.

“Revisiting the Wollstonecraft Dilemma in the Context of Conservative Liberalism: The Case of Female Employment in Turkey”, Social Politics, 21 (1) (Spring 2014).

“Politics and Class: Turkish Business Environment in the Neoliberal Age” (co-authored with O. Savaşkan), New Perspectives on Turkey, n. 46 (Spring 2012).

“Change and Continuity under an Eclectic Social Security Regime:The Case of Turkey”, Middle Eastern Studies, v. 47 (May 2011).

“Solidarity among Strangers: A Problem of Coexistence in Turkey” (with Aysen Candas), Constellations, v. 17, n.2 (2010).

“Structural Change, Social Policy Environment and Female Employment: The Case of Turkey” (Burcu Yakut Cakar’la birlikte), Development and Change, May 2010.

“Societal Context of Labor Union Strategy The Case of Turkey” (with F.Adaman ve A.İnsel), Labor Studies Journal, v.34, June 2009.

“Poverty and Citizenship: A Case Study on Turkey”, International Journal of Public Affairs (published by the Research Center on Public Affairs for Sustainable Welfare Society, Chiba University, Japan), v. 4, 2008: 75-86.

“Social Policy Change in Countries without Mature Welfare States: The Case of Turkey (Sinem Adar ile birlikte), New Perspectives on Turkey, n.38 Spring 2008: 83-106. (SSCI) 

“Karl Polanyi et la separation institutionnelle entre politique et l’économie,” Raisons Politiques.

“Turkish Welfare Regime in Transformation (co-authored by Çağlar Keyder)," Journal of European Social Policy, 16, 3 (2006).

“La fin du régime traditionnel de protection sociale de la Turquie” dans La Turquie et le développement, coordonné par Ahmet Insel, Paris: L’Harmattan, 2003

“The Place of the Economy in Turkish Society,” South Atlantic Quarterly, v. 102 (Spring/Summer 2003).

“Consumption and the Place of the Economy in Turkish Society: ‘Reciprocity’ and ‘Redistribution in Markets for Houses and Household Durables in Turkey” in Relli Shecter (ed.), Houses in Motion: Transitions in Domestic Consumption and Family Life in the Modern Middle East, New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2003.

“Labor, Capital, and Religion: Political Islam and Organized Interest Representation in Turkey,” Middle Eastern Studies, v. 38 (April 2002).

“Political and Modern Implications of Reciprocity Networks in Modern Studies,” in F. Adaman and P. Devine (eds.), Economy and Society: Money, Capitalism and Transition, Black Rose Books. 2002.

“Political Islam in Turkey in Historical Context: Strengths and Weaknesses” in N.Balkan and S.Savran (eds.), The Politics of Permanent Crisis: Class, Ideology and State in Turkey, New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2002.

“Needs, Consumption and Social Policy” (co-authored with Gürol Irzık), Economics and Philosophy, v.15 (October 1999).

“Class, Culture and State: An Analysis of Interest Representation by Two Turkish Business Associations,” The International Journal of Middle East Studies, v.30 (November 1998).

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“Appropriate Technology Assessment: A Note on Policy Considerations” (co-authored with M. MacKenzie), Technological Change and Social Forecasting, v.17 (August 1980).

“Multinational Enterprises and Labor Problems in Underdeveloped Countries,” Manpower and Unemployment Research, v.11 (October 1978). 

  • Review Articles (English and French)

“The Challenges of Post-Communist Transformation for the World Bank”, Middle East Technical University Studies in Development, v. 25 (1997).

Making Capitalism. The Social and Cultural Construction of a South Korean Conglomerate by R.L.Janelli, Organization Studies, v. 18 (1997).

Exposed to Innumerable Delusions. Public Enterprises and State Power in Egypt, India, Mexico and Turkey by John Waterbury, Boğaziçi Journal, v. 9 (1995).

“The Late Coming Tycoons of Turkey”, Journal of Economics and Administrative Studies, v.1 (Winter 1987).

“A Decade of Dependency and Two Controversial Books”, Review of Radical Political Economics, v.16 (Summer/Fall 1985).

“A Comment on Some Perspectives on Development”, Our Generation, March 1984.

  • Reports and Working Papers (English and French)

New Poverty and the Changing Welfare Regime of Turkey, Ankara: UNDP, 2003 (co-authored with Çağlar Keyder)

“Societal Variations in State-Dependent Organizational Forms: The South Korean Chaebol and the Turkish Holding”, Boğaziçi University Working Paper Series, 1996 (co-authored with Behlül Üsdiken).

The Role of Canadian Universities in Relation to International Development (co-authored with K.Polanyi-Levitt), Canadian International Development Agency, 1985.

“On Development Economics”, McGill University, 1985.

“La crise énergetique dans la littérature économique”, Laval University, 1976.

  • Translations (English into Turkish)

K.Polanyi, The Great Transformation (Büyük Dönüşüm) Istanbul, 1986, 2000.

D.Robertson, International Trade Policy (Uluslararası Ticaret Politikası) Istanbul, 1982.

  •  Selected Seminers and Invited Conference Papers

“Poverty and Social Citizenship”, International workshop on “Multiple Modernities”, Koç University, Istanbul, 27 May 2005.

“Perspectives on Poverty and Social Policy in Republican Turkey”, Special Lecture Series on Modern Turkey, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 7 April 2005.

“La réforme du systeme de sécurité sociale: entre libéralisme et droits sociaux universels”, FASOPO (Fonds d’Analyse des Sociétés Politiques) conference on “La Turquie candidate: économie et société”, Paris, 8 January 2005.

“Facing the Challenge of New Poverty in Turkey”, Central European University, Budapest, 3 March 2004.

“Le programme économique de l’AKP et l’analyse des premieres réalisations”, “Colloque sur L’AKP au pouvoir, un an après: l’épreuve du systeme” organized by CERI (Centre d’Etudes at de Recherche Internationales), Paris, 12 December 2003.

“Contemporary Perspectives on Poverty and Social Policy”, Reproductive Health Working Group Meeting, Beirut, 5 July 2003.

“Contemporary Transformation of a Traditional Moral Economy: The Case of Turkey”, The Hagop Kevorkian Center, New York University, February 2, 2002.

“Labor, Capital, and Religion”, Robert Schuman Center Mediterranean Programme Seminar”, European University Institute, Fiesole, 14 October 1999.

“Class, Culture, and State: An Analysis of Interest Representation by Two Turkish Business Associations”, The Conference on the Role of the Bussiness Sector in Economic and Political Change organized by the Princeton University Institute for the Transregional Study of the Contemporary Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, Gammarth, Tunisia, 1 September 1998.

“Political and Moral Implications of Reciprocity Networks in Modern Societies”, Institut Für Ethnologie, Freie Universitat, Berlin, 6 May 1998.

“Government-Business Relations in the Context of Late Industrialization”, Business History Unit, London School of Economics, 21 January 1991.

“The Self-Image of Turkish Businessmen”, Department of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University, 15 November 1988.

  • Workshop and Conference Organization

Tenth International Karl Polanyi Conference, Istanbul, Boğaziçi University, 14-16 October 2005.

National seminar on “Workers and Unions in Turkey”, Istanbul, Galatasaray University, 16 April 2005.

International seminar on the “Changing Role of Unions in the Contemporary World of Labor”, Istanbul, Bogaziçi University, 26-27 November 2004.

International seminar on “Basic Income: Overcoming Insecurity in a Globalizing World”, Istanbul, Boğaziçi University, 21-22 May 2004.

International seminar on “Southern European Welfare Regimes”, Istanbul, Boğaziçi University, 17-19 October 2002.


Bogazici University Foundation Award for Superior Academic Performance, 2000.

Jean Monnet Fellowship, Robert Schuman Center, European University Institute, 1999.

National Sedat Simavi Award for the Social Sciences, 1996.

Ford Foundation grant (The Middle East Research Competition) for the project “Evolution of
Consumption Patterns in Turkey: A Study on the Formation of Needs and Mechanisms of Need Satisfaction”, 1995-1996.

Ford Foundation grant (The Middle East Research Competition) for the project “State, Policy Networks and the New Economic Strategy in Turkey”, 1988-1990.

Canadian International Development Agency grant for the project “The Role of Canadian Universities in Relation to International Development”, 1983-1985.

“Bourse de l’enseignement superieur”, Quebec government, 1976-1979.