Editing of Master’s Theses

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, master’s theses will not be edited in spring and summer 2020. The procedures on this page are not currently applicable.

Master’s theses are still subject to the final format check.

Thesis Preparation

Master’s candidates are encouraged to download the thesis preparation package and use the enclosed Microsoft Word template from the time they start writing.

General Conditions and Deadline

  • With certain exceptions, the work of degree candidates is edited on a first come, first serve basis. See the editing queue for exceptions and the current status of the queue.
  • For master’s candidates intending to defend their thesis at the end of the Spring term, the deadline for submitting their complete work to the editor is 15 April.
    • Master’s candidates must notfiy the editor of their intention to submit their work at the beginning of the semester before they intend to graduate. If a candidate does not provide advanced notification and if there is a backlog of editing work, the faculty body may use their discretion to assign the editing of that degree candidate's work a lower priority, reducing the likelihood that the candidate's defense will be in time for graduation in the Spring term.
    • Submissions made later than the deadline will not be prioritized ahead of doctoral dissertations already in the editing queue, reducing the likelihood that the degree candidate's defense will be in time for graduation in the Spring term.
  • Master’s candidates who are preparing a thesis outside of this framework may submit a thesis to the editor year-round and it will be edited in the order received.

Submission Procedures

  1. Obtain the explicit approval of your academic advisor before submitting work for editing.
  2. Prepare the manuscript for editing:
    • Verify that the thesis is complete, including the notes, bibliography, appendices, and all front matter together with the preface or acknowledgements. Partial work will not be accepted.
    • Verify that the manuscript is formatted in accordance with the Institute’s Form of Theses and Dissertations.
    • Perform the items on the “Manuscript Checklist” in the Institute’s Usage Manual.
    • Review the FAQ.
  3. Submit the manuscript in Microsoft Word format to the editor via e-mail. The place of a manuscript in the editing queue is established by the day and time it is sent to the editor.

Once a manuscript is submitted, the advisor will be notified and a cursory check of the materials will be performed within two business days. If everything is in order, the manuscript will be added to the editing queue. A reference number with which to check the status of a manuscript in the queue will be provided.

Please note that after their defense, degree candidates are required to submit their manuscript to the editor a second time for the final format check.

Further Information

If you have any questions not addressed by the FAQ, you may contact the editor.