Final Format Check

In the interest of economy and the environment, all theses and dissertations
are to be printed double-sided – that is, in book format.

If a degree candidate has employed the now out-of-date single-sided template,
the manuscript will be modified in the course of the format check.

Once a thesis or dissertation is defended and all revisions requested by the academic advisor and committee members are made and approved, the final manuscript must be submitted to the editor to be approved for printing and binding.

Submission Procedures

  1. Verify that all required elements are present and the document is formatted according to the Institute’s Form of Theses and Dissertations. Because a final, archival PDF file will be produced from the document, absolutely no incomplete information is permitted.
  2. Submit the full manuscript as a single Microsoft Word file to the editor via e-mail. Oversize foldouts may be submitted as separate files, but headings and page numbers should already be located on the page in line with the annotated sample manuscript.

Once a manuscript is submitted, the format check will generally be completed within three business days. If there are issues that need to be resolved, the manuscript may need to be revised and resubmited. Submit the manuscript to the editor well before the final, university deadline for graduation in order not to jeopardize participation in the Spring convocation exercises.

Once the formatting is approved, a final, archival PDF, from which bound copies for submission to the Institute must be printed, will be created and returned to the degree candidate. The Director of the Institute, the secretary, and the advisor(s) will also be informed when manuscripts are approved for printing and binding.

Further Information

If you have any questions not addressed by the FAQ, you may contact the editor.

Technical Details

Bookmarked PDFs are exported using Adobe’s PDFMaker plug-in for Microsoft Office