Conferences and Workshops Attended

Z. Umut Türem,
Assistant Professor

The Atatürk Institute for Modern Turkish History
Bogaziçi University
34342 Bebek-Istanbul / Turkey

phone:  +90-212-359 48 75
fax:       +90-212-265 80 03 (Atatürk Institute)


Selected Seminars and Invited Conference Papers:

“Producing ‘the Market’ in Turkey: The Work of Competition Law Reforms in the Global South”
paper presented at the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, June 2-5, 2011

“‘Law and Economics’ of Competition Policy Reform in Turkey: A Critical Perspective”
European Political Economy and Society in the World 2nd Midterm Workshop, Oxford Brookes University, September 12-14, 2008

“Accounting for Accountability in Neoliberal Regulatory Regimes,” co-authored with Christine B. Harrington, presented at The Practice of Law and Development: Socio-Legal Approaches, Cornell University, April 18-20, 2004

“Globalization of Law and the Legal Professionals in Turkey” presented at the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, June 5-8, 2003

“Entrepreneurs, Democracy and Citizenship in Turkey”, co-authored with Ziya Öniş, presented at The Second Mediterranean Social and Political Research Meeting, European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Florence, Italy, March 21-25, 2001