Conferences and Workshops Attended


Cengiz Kırlı,
Associate Professor

The Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History
Bogaziçi University
34342 Bebek-Istanbul / Turkey

phone:  +90-212-359 76 08
fax:       +90-212-265 80 03 (Atatürk Institute)



-"Janissary-Esnaf Relations in Early Nineteenth-Century Istanbul," paper presented at the 35th Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Workshops Association of North America, November 17-21,2001, San Francisco

- "Coffeehouses and Spies: Popular Opinions in the Mid-nineteenth Century Ottoman Empire," paper presented at Middle East History and Theory Workshop, October 31,2001, University of Chicago.

- The European and American Young Scholars' Summer Institute 2001/2002:
Public Spheres and Muslim Identities
Berlin (Germany), July 15, 2001 to July 28, 2001 and
Dartmouth College (USA), August 4, 2002 to August 17, 2002. Sponsored by dIe Alexander von Humboldt Foundation! dIe Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, dIe Social Science Research Council (New Yock) and the institutes for advanced studies in Princeton (USA), Research Triangle Park (USA), Stanford (USA), Uppsala (S), and Wassenaar (NL).

- Participant in the workshop entitled "Artisans and Workers, 'Guilds' and Unions: Rethinking Labor History in the Ottoman 'Long Nineteenth Century"', at New York University, March 24-25, 2001.

"Coffeehouses as Information Spheres: Rumor and Popular Opinions in Istanbul in the 1840s," paper presented at the Cultural History Workshop, History Department, Purdue University, November 7, 2000.

- "Ottoman State and Govemmentality: Policing the Public Space (1790- 1900)" Paper presented at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association of North America, December 3-6, 1998, Chicago.

- "The World of Istanbul Coffeehouses and Public Baths: Sociability, Construction of Identities, and the Question of Public Sphere in 18th and 19th century Ottoman Empire" Paper presented at Gendered (Re)Visions: Identity, Culture & Conflict in History, Graduate Student Conference, May 10-11,1996, Binghamton University.

- "Coffeehouses and Public Baths in Ottoman Society: Towards the Formation of a Public Sphere?" Paper presented at the 11th Annual Middle East History and Theory Conference, April 26, 1996, University of Chicago.

- Participant at International Workshop on Human Rights, sponsored by
Frederich Neumann Foundation of Germany, March 11-26, 1992, Lisbon, Portugal